Welcome, gentle reader, to the new look FacepalmedGamer. Re-titled “Blownapart Gaming”, because if theres one thing the internet has in abundance and needs less of, it’s cunts with the suffix “gamer” in their name. LazyGamer. AngryGamer. NerdGamer. PederastGamer. You name it. I’m tired of being the FacepalmedGamer. So now i’ll be going by my Steam/Youtube name. Napoleon Blownapart, which has a much grander air to it, i’m sure you’ll agree. That’s it. No gimmicks. No schtick.  “Well Napoleon, if that is your real name, what can i expect from this Madonna-esque reinvention? Huh? You god damn dildo fucker? HUH?!” i hear you ask..

Blownapart Gaming will mostly be dealing with my opinions on gaming. Same as before, so don’t expect anything else. Maybe the spelling and punctuation will even be better. Who knows!
I’ll also be dealing in what i call Necro-reviews. That is basically an excuse to review shit long after release. Why? Because i’m lazy. And rushing to get a review of a game out when it’s out, is what drove me to stop reviewing stuff in the first place. Also, because some games need to be reviewed long after the hype has died down in order to be truly objective.

So with that said, welcome, to Blownapart Gaming! Brand new articles and reviews coming  in 2018!!