TFPG hit a pretty massive milestone of 100,000 all time views this morning. I can safely assume roughly 89,000 of those were from either Furries, People who whack it to sonic the hedgehog erotic fanfiction, or people looking for Hentai of Cortana from Halo being raped. These people can burn in fucking hell. The rest of you, youre alright! And thanks for all the support! Its good to know someone appreciates this crap i write. Heres a few fun facts about TFPG:

The most searched for term that found this blog is “Luigi“. I had no idea he was that popular really. I guess there really is an audience for Stories about Luigi licking piss off a toilet bowl.

Runners up are “Sonic porn” and “Knuckles fisting Rouge“. No im not making this up.

Busiest day ever was June 5th, 2010, when the entire internet lost its shit and went cock out crazy for Sonic the hedgehog porn and we got 589 hits.

The official TFPG Facebook page has 10 loyal followers. 1 of them is me. 9 of them are awesome.

The most popular article is unsurprisingly, the one about shitty fanfiction, with a whopping 43,815 views. Fucking perverts.

The least popular article was this shitty one liner about something that happened at E3 2009, with only 2 views.

The most amount of comments ever is on the Chun Li’s legs article, with 32 comments, including one from a rather attractive girl dressed up as Chun Li

16 people were looking for Batman Porno when the came here

There are 81 total articles. All 81 were written solely by me, in work, on my lunch break.

The only serious article on the entire blog is my Chernobyl one

My own personal favourite article is Killzone 2 Reviewed by Rico Velasquez

The word  ‘rape’, or ‘raped’ appears over 9000 times in 81 articles

This post is dedicated to the 9 people brave enough to follow TFPG on Facebook.