It’s hard to form an opinion on a game based on a beta thats more prone to crashing than a Russian drunk driver, but im going to give it a shot anyway.

First off, heres some footage:

EDIT: EA had msot of my youtube videos deleted. Heres the only one they left

So, 3 years on from a genuinely groundbreaking game like Crysis, Crytek are back with thier letest instalment in the series. The bad news for fans of the original seems to be that the original games scope and ambition has been completely toned down.
Of the levels i tried out, the amount of handholding, and path following has been ramped up 1000%. The freedom and amount of choice of the original Crysis is in short supply.

At the beginning of the ‘Road Rage’ mission, youre actually instructed to put a silencer on your weapon ‘to silence your shots’. Fucking hell, like i couldnt have worked that one out. You also cant continue on until you do so. The handholding is further ramped up by the ‘tactical options available’ voice over. Anytime you come to an area where you might be able to do something cool, the game will basically tell you ‘look, if you go over here and do this it’ll be awesome’. Fair enough, they want peope to enjoy it as much as possible, but im of the opinion that if the game has to grab you by the scruff of the neck and shove your nose into its pile of fun so you can see it, its doing it wrong.

The scale of exploration also seems somewhat ramped down. In the original Crysis, the most exciting aspect was when uopn finishing the intro, suddenly it seemed like a whole island was there for you to explore.  You could go where you liked, and as you liked. If you wanted to swim from one side of the inlet to another, avoiding all guards, you could. If you wanted to kill everyone rambo style, you could. So my disappointment was almost palpable when i realised that in the ‘road rage’ mission, i was literally being funneled from one end of a very small map to the next, and being forced to watch a cut scene here, a set peice there. Not that the set peices were unimpressive, on the contrary, it was really impressive, but being told ‘PRESS F TO LOOK AT THIS SET PEICE’ was just not the Crysis  i knew.

Enemy count has also been significantly ramped up. Theres very little chance youll be able to sneak through this game without using weapons if you so desire a la Crysis. In this sense it probably feels most like its been ‘dumbed down’, as in Crysis you could walk for ages without encountering any enemies, but in Crysis 2 its been turned into an all out assault, which i guess in the context of the game (alien attack on NYC) does make sense, but does make it feel more like Call of Duty: Aliens in Manhattan. The power suit abilities have been ‘streamlined’ too, but i found it more fiddly than the orignal if truth be told. However this couldve been down to the controls in the beta being somewhat glitched.

So thats the shittier apects dealt with, whats good about it? Well, for starters it looks phenomenally good. And the beta is locked at DX9, high settings. So we’ve still yet to see DX10/11 max settings. It also does do a brilliant job of aping disaster films such as Cloverfield. The attack on NYC is brilliantly realised and really feels believeable. I do think that this game is going to set the bar for cinematic action in FPS’es. Crysis 2 definitely wont be a bad game, but will it be a groundbreaking game? No. That title is still held by its 3 year old predecessor, and Crysis 2 certainly wont be troubling its title anytime soon.