In typical TFPG style, heres a top 10 of 2010, only 10 11 days too late.

*For your added enjoyment, please feel free to imagine that a kickass radio announcer is going ‘N-N-N-N-N-NUMBER NINE..nine..nine’  etc for each entry

10: Alan Wake
Alan Wake may have put more feet wrong than it did right, with dodgy (or non existant) facial animation, a lead character who comes across like a complete knob within the first 20 minutes, and gameplay that doesnt change one jot from beginning to end. But what it did do right, it did exceptionally. A perfectly realised version of small town Washington State, married to an interesting Twin Peaks-cum-Stephen King rip off, an absolutely perfect soundtrack, and some of the best lighting effects ever seen on console made Wake mroe than worth the price of Admission.

9: Bioshock 2
Another Game that might not make too many top 10’s of 2010, thanks to being released sometime in February, but Bioshock 2, even tho it was ridiculously similar to BS1, made enough of an impression to warrant a top 10 slot. It made the mistake of having an opening that was almost note for note copied from BS1, so many people never played past the first few missions as it seemed like a fully priced expansion pack, but stick with it and BS2 really opens up with a great narrative and some excellent moments such as controlling a little sister and taking on an entirely new perspective on Rapture. 

8: Dead rising 2
ANOTHER game that might not be on many best of’s, but DR2 deserves a place in every fucking list ever made because its the first ever game to let you kill a zombie with a dildo. Top 10 ways to kil a zombie? Get it in there. Top 10 uses for a sex aid? DR2 wins again. Top 10 dildos in video games? Chalk up another one for DR2. Not enough games braved the waters of self pleasure and its applications in real life but dead rising 2 did so with fucking gusto.

 7: Call of Duty: Black Ops
I hate call of duty. I really do. I personally blame it for the complete dumbing down of multiplayer shooters and its appeal to the lowest common denominator thanks to Activision being so rich they can run adverts for it on individual sheets of toilet paper in a McDonalds. However Black Ops had one saving grace: Sgt. Frank Woods.

Joking aside, Woods animation, both physical and facial, added a level of beleiveabiltiy to his character that ive not seen before or since in an FPS. Also, his ‘let’s fuckin’ go!’ line in the Defense of Khe Sahn mission was the most motivated a computer game has ever made me.

6: Amnesia: The Dark descent
Few games are genuinely scary, and even fewer are genuinely pulse pounding, despite whatever racuous claims the tag-lines on the box may make. I mean iv’e seen Wii games that claimed to be pulse pounding adventures, and as we all know, the Wii only panders to shit shovelware and the only thing that would make your pulse pound is all the fucking arm waggling you’ll do. Not so with Amnesia. Amnesia is terrifying, and the feeling of being chased by or hiding from some undescribable horror (you’ll never really see what enemies look like as staring at them for long drives you insane) is enough to genuinely scare you and get the pulse racing.

5: Red Dead Redemption
After literally hating to death both of the expansions for GTa4, and not being entirely in love with vanilla GTA4 either, expectations for RDR were as low as possible. So it was a pleasant surprise to find that ‘GTA in the west’ was in fact, fuck all like GTA in the west.  There were no irritating cunts sending you telegrams every 5 minutes to ask you out to the box social or whatever the 1800’s equivalent of bowling was, the story was actually coherent and well acted, and had possibly the best ending of any game so far this generation.

4: Assassins Creed: Brotherhood
Assassins Creed 2 was a great game. A game that didnt need much improving and certainly didn’t need any tacked on multiplayer. So when AC:B was announced and sounded like little more than a mission pack with tacked on multiplayer, expectations werent exactly stratospheric. So it was a welcome surprise to find out that AC:B wasn’t shit, wasn’t rushed, the multiplayer wasn’t tacked on and was actually pretty fucking fantastic, and that it was essentially one of the finest games released this past year. Quite how Ubsoft Montreal managed to produce something of this quality in a year is staggering.

3: S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat
After the pretty dismal Clear Sky, GSC gameworld went back to the drawing board, and taking a hefty amount of advice from fans on their official forums, came back with a game that wholeheartedly knocked the shite out of Clear Sky. CoP took everything that was great about Shadow of Chernobyl, ditched everything that was shit from Clear Sky, and married it into one of the most atmospheric shooters of 2010.

2:Demons Souls
Officially released in 2009, but only officially released in Europe in 2010, Demons Souls had already built up a pretty rabid fanbase, and with good reason. Despite being absolute bastard nails hard, difficult to get to grips with (trying to read the stats system is like trying to learn a new bloody language), Demons Souls succeeded simply down to the fact that it’s an absolute fucking quality, addictive, original and good looking game.

1:Metro 2033
A shooter from the same developers of the original S.T.A.L.K.E.R, set in the shattered ruins of Moscow, essentially living the life of a heavily armed tramp in an underground city, Metro 2033 was never going to have the mass market appeal of a Call of Duty or Halo title. What Metro did deliver better than almost any shooter this year however, was atmosphere. Fucking truckloads of the stuff. Ekeing out an existence in the Metro tunnels of Moscow was a phenomenally well realised, from the smallest detail of a child scribbling on the walls to eerie white noise silence of the metro tunnels. When you eventually do emerge into the world above, its not a fallout style comedy post apocalyptic future, its a world left behind, empty high rise building looming overhead, childrens playgrounds filled with the ghostly echoes of its long dead inhabitants, flashing glimpses of how life used to be before the devastation, it’s all expertly realised, and tied to an interesting story, topped off with enjoyable combat.

And the ones that almost made it:

Mass Effect 2
This really should ahve been there in place of CoD or Bioshock 2, as its easily better than both, but i just fucking forgot about it.

This definitely would have made the list had it not been for the horrible padding at the end of the game that added about 4 pointless hours onto the end. but overall it was fantastic.

Medal of Honor
Might not have been the most original shooter of all time, but its gritty realism vs. CoD’s James Bond style super agent shit was a breath of fresh air.

Kane & Lynch 2
The PC version of this game alleviated alot of the games problems on console (inaccurate weapons), and looked fantastic. I dont give a shit what journo wankers will tell you about it, it may have been one note gamepaly, but it was a hell of a ride

Mafia 2
Had the story not gone to hell by the end of Mafia 2, it’d be in my top 5. but sadly what starts out interesting, ends up a generic ‘I KILLED YOUR FATHER!!’ ending. But Mafia 2 deserves a mention for being bloody gorgeous to look at and enjoyable to play, with 2/3rds of a great story.

Aliens Vs Predator
The Alien & Predator campaigns might have been a bit shitty (predator had his moments tho), but the Marine campaign was fantastic. It didnt break the mold, but it was a solid, tense, shooter. Any Aliens game that had me literally shouting ‘they’re comin outta the goddamn walls!!’ at my TV is doing something right.

Halo: Reach
I May be the only person in the world who plays Halo for it’s story, which is why i was a bit underwhelmed by Reach’s narrative. In that it’s narrative doesnt really exist. considering the game is based on one of the biggest stories in the Halo universe,  the flimsiness of the campaign’s story, marred even further by some shocking voice acting, left me cold. And im not even going to mention the cuntbag quitters who ruined the MP for me. Cuntbags.