Gamesmaster was a TV show that first run in the early 90’s and was fucking amazing. Coming home from school on a cold Thursday afternoon, dinner, then Gamesmaster was a ritual for any kid with a console in 1992. Time has not been kind to gamesmasters contestants however.

Here we see a young Simon Amstell, of Nevermind the Buzzcocks fame. It’s good to see that even though Simon is now a smug cretin as an adult, he was also a smug cretin as a child. Proving he is nothing if not consistent.

Fuuuuuuucking hell. This kid was not only the goofiest looking nerd on the program, but also managed to take part, and lose, in the shittiest game of street fighter 2 imaginable. It’s like his geekiness was so intense that it made him inept even at his favoured pastime. I like how he’s wearing his glasses at a 45 degree angle, possibly trying to start a trend like wearing a baseball cap to the side. 45 degree glasses sadly never caught on.

A rare ocurrence of an overgrown manchild taking part in a Mario Kart challenge. Most people i know who get nostalgic for Mario Kart nowadays are only just reaching their 30’s, this man was ahead of the curve however and must now be rapidly approaching his 60’s and asking himself where it all went so tragically wrong. HINT: it was when you appeared on gamemasters mario kart challenge when you were 30.

Jesus Christ, look at that fucking mullet. That would put Pat Sharp to shame. It actually sort of transcends embarrasing and becomes somehow amazing. This is probably the most success any man named Julian can hope to expect.

It’s good to see the reaction guys haven’t changed at all since their Gamesmaster debut.