Howdy! what can i do ya for? This weeks breakin’ news ya say? Well well! Lets see what we got hya!

Arkham Asylum 2 will be “really, really dark”

Kevin Conroy, the man who Batman’s voice belongs to, has revealed that Arkham Asylum 2 will be “really, really dark”.
“It involves a lot of the villains and goes to that area – it’s that dark,”

It goes to that area, huh? What area is that? The special palce where your uncle touched ya when you was a kid?? Listen ta this fuckin Mary. I bet this pussy has never been in fuckin jungle, huntin fuckin gooks in the dead a night. Cause i have!! Granted it was only last year i was doing but what the hell ya cant have everything right? Am i right or wrong?? That shit is dark i tell ya, not like this fuckin FAGGOT shit. Playin fuckin vidya games, ill give ya fuckin vidya games!!

The first images of the fourth-generation iPhone have appeared on the internet.

The new phone is said to feature a better camera, secondary mic and separate volume buttons. It also has a flat rather than curved back, 16 per cent larger battery and a screen which is slightly smaller than the 3GS but appears to be higher resolution. The phone is 3 grams heavier than the current 3GS model.

So this here phone is top of the line, scientifically engineered and all that crap. guaranteed by some sierra club asshole not to drop a call, IF ya get one! Personally, i think they’re for PUSSIES and FAGGOTS. Fuckin iphones, in ‘Nam, we only had a fuckin’ radio so big you had to carry the fuckin’ thing on your back, and you had to use that shit to beat charlies brains in if he crept up on ya. You try beatin some vietcong to death with an iphone, i mean i tried it and it works, but i still say the fuckin iphone is for pussies and fags! Fuck you and your fuckin’ iphone!

Activision-Blizzard claim ‘Celestial Mount’ caused demand levels dangerous to servers

The ‘Celestial Mount’ in-game item for Activision-Blizzard’s MMORPG-hit World of Warcraft caused such high demand on it’s first day of availability that the studio claim they had to scale down purchasing to protect their servers.

The virtual pet, which is on sale for $25, could be making Blizzard around $2.5m an hour, according to estimates by

Now this is some real faggot shit! This makes a fuckin iphone look like a hand operated radio covered in vietcong brains. YOU BELIEVE THIS SHIT? Jesus! massively multiplayer onling roleplaying game, my ass! Imagine what those pumpkins do with each other when they’re alone! And what about the live action role players?  Think about it!
$2.5 million dollars an hour to play wit’ some fuckin fairies and elves and all that fuckin shit? Are you fucking with me? You’re fucking with me! You mean these fuckin’ Marys sit around all day pretendin to be in a fuckin fantasy land and gettin fucked up the ass by some big buffed wizard??
These fuckin’ pumpkins need a dose of reality. I’d love to see any of these fuckin fairies tryin ta survive in the fuckin Jungle. Arms gettin blown off, people losin’ legs, beatin little yellow men to death with a fuckin rifle, wearin fuckin’ necklaces made of peoples fuckin’ ears. And that was just the last time i went ta fuckin Florida.

How’s that for fuckin freedom? I’ll give ya fuckin freedom!!