Gamers today awoke to the sound of backtracking and flip flopping from Codemasters, regarding their dire follow up to Operation Flashpoint: Cold war Crisis, Dragon Rising. Much like when this massive turd of a game dropped into your DVD drive, news spread this morning that Codemasters will no longer be supporting or releasing DLC for this 4 month old game.

“I just wanted to inform you all that the team have now completed the Dragon Rising chapter of Operation Flashpoint and that’s it for DR-related content going forward,” community manager Ian Webster said.

“We are sorry if Dragon Rising and the two DLCs released to date have left you wanting even more, but in the grand scheme of future plans and schedules the vast majority of the team are already busy planning the future of modern combat.

So there you have it. 4 months after they rushed an unfinished game to market, before Modern Warfare 2 would come along and steal what little thunder Dragon Rising posessed, Codemasters have droped what trickling amount of support this god awful game recieved.
So, in hindsight, lets take a look at some of the unmitigated bullshit Codemasters fed gamers to flog a few copies of this shambolic mess:

“Our intention is to align [the patch] with the first DLC pack that’s coming out as well, which is due around the end of October. Hopefully we’ll do the whole thing in one.”

“It’s quite open-ended,” he added, “it’s not a lot of fuss for us to make new content – it’s actually quite easy for us to get it out there, with regards to things like levels, game modes, etc.”

 So, its really no fuss to get extra content out there, eh? Then how come there was fuck all content released, and why are you dropping support for extra content it so soon? Because they realized noone was buying it because it was pure garbage? That would be my guess, but hey, what do i know.

“The other thing we actually like to look at is getting some new equipment in there as well.”

And just how hard did you look into this? My guess would be “not very fucking hard at all” seeing as how there wasn’t any.

“One of the things we’re hoping is we can address the balance of vehicles in the game,” he added, “as there are people who expected to be able to use them more than they can in the final game. We’re really ramping up the vehicle-specific missions in there. It’s all really great tech, it all works, you can get in these things, so again, we’ll be trying to exploit that as well.”

The balance of the vehicles in the game must have been RUTHLESSLY addressed, because as i recall there weren’t any fucking vehicles other than a jeep you could pilot, without using modding tools on the PC version.

“We’ve got some stuff initially planned for this year”

One of which was ending support entirely, it seems.

“you’re going to see an open world, the size of which you’ve never seen before… are going to be able to interact with everything that is in that world….” -Sion Lenton

Well i certainly saw that open world, Sion. I saw it, but then a 2 foot high brick wall got in my way and my highly trained elite squad of soldiers shit the bed and couldnt continue. Unless that was the interaction you spoke of, in which case, well fucking done.

“220 square kilometer Island that you can walk from one side to the other in one sitting. But that’ll take you about 10 hours on foot, if you don’t get shot, but the quickist way is probably the attack helicopter, which will take about 12 minutes or so”. -Tim Brown

But none of us will ever find out wether it really does take 12 minutes to fly across the map, because Attack Helicopters dont exist as playable entities in this game.

I know that our PC user base is clamouring for more features already, and we are not oblivious to your pleas! -Sion Lenton

Which is why you shitcanned the game after 4 months and released a couple of half hearted DLC packs once you realised the PC community had gone back to playing Arma2.

And so ends the sordid story of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. A game that promised the world, but delivered only Lichtenstein.  Rushed to market before it could be crushed by MW2, it was plagued with bugs from the word go, and hobbled by ambition. Promising an entire Island to explore, and 12 different vehicles to use, it delivered none of these. The island was full of invisible barriers you couldnt cross, and was almost inpossible to explore due to strict time limits that most missions imposed. The promised vehicles were only ever seen being flown by the AI, and unusable by the player, aside from the Jeep. Wow, my own fucking jeep, thank you codemasters.

Dragon Rising is now Oscar Mike to the furthest recesses of the bargain bin, and good riddance. Hopefully next time Codemasters will be more transparent about the games they’re developing, instead of outright lying about their features. Maybe then, people will buy your game, and your DLC, and you wont have to shitcan the whole shooting gallery after 4 months.