This weeks most important news articles in gaming, with commentary from everybodies favourite crypto-nazi, Nick the surplus store owner from Michael Douglas classic 1991 movie ‘Falling down’.


EA published alien blasting limb removing trouser soiling space shoot em up Dead Space will be coming to Wii this year with “everything that made the 360/PS3/PC version so creepy will be there on the Wii.”

Nick says:


What is this doin in here? FAGGOT SHIT!!

Clearly upset at the prospect of Dead Space on Wii, Nick lashes out the best way he knows, by flinging insults at homosexuals. This is an obvious sign that Nick knows the upcoming port with be hobbled graphically by the underpowered Wii. An astute observation by Nick.


Electronic Arts, while on its Q3 2009 financial earnings conference call, today announced that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will release sometime in the 2010 calendar year.

The original Battlefield: Bad Company released in mid-2008 to solid reviews and was the first game to use DICE’s Frostbite engine.

Nick Says:


“Give it to me. Give it to me now. Give it to me. Give it to me. Give it to me. GiveittomeGiveittomeGiveittomeGiveittome.

Clearly a fan of the original game, Nicks enthusiasm for the Battlefield franchise is hugely impressive, one might even say it borders on being a repressed homosexual fantasy. I couldn’t have expressed my own delight at this news any better. I tip my hat to you, Sir.

Electronic Arts cuts 1,100 jobs

* Cutting 1,100 jobs, or 11 percent of workforce

* Will narrow its game portfolio and delay some games

NEW YORK, Feb 3 (Reuters) – Video game publisher Electronic Arts Inc (ERTS.O) posted weaker-than-expected results on Tuesday and said it would delay several games, causing it to forecast a loss for fiscal 2009.

Excluding costs related to restructuring and other special items, it had a profit of 56 cents a share, far short of analysts’ expectations of 88 cents a share, according to Reuters Estimates.

While experts expects the video game software industry to manage the recession better than others, companies like EA have been hurt by tighter inventory management at retailers which don’t want to overstock their stores with titles that are not huge hits.

What Nick said:


“FUCKIN FAAAAAANTASTIC! It was a bunch of Niggas, wasn’t it?! On TV it’s always nice lookin white kids, but when you go in dere, it’s nuttin but a bunch a fuckin’ niggas!”

Obviously not a fan of EA, Nick is overjoyed toh ear that mega corporation EA is losing money, possibly from producing so many uninspired sequels. However Nick lets his inherent racism get the better of him on this one, assuming that all the jobs cut from the EA workforce were those held by African Americans. For shame Nick, for shame.