Sony took the stage at E3 this year in possibly the worst position they’ve been in at an E3 so far.
The playstation 3 is floundering. Bogged under with half arsed ports of 360 games, abysmally shit exclusive games like Haze, and gereally being inferior to the 360 in almost every respect. (and no, blu ray doesnt count as its still completely pointless)
Sony struck back at its detractors with a conference that can be summed up with one word:


Sony took a leaf out of Mirosofts book, that book being titled ‘how to bore the living fuck out of your audience’, and proceeded to wax lyrical for an hour or two, about movie downloads. Yeah. Cause i bought my ps3 to download fucking Evan Almighty on. Thats what a PC with bittorrent is for. Jesus christ.
However, unlike Nintendo, sony actually remembered that a console is not just for waggling your arms in front of like a complete prat, and actually brought some games with them. Games such as:

God of war 3
DC universe online

And sequels to such shitfests as Resistance, Motorstorm & Killzone.

DC universe online looks like the bastard child of City of Heroes & Star wars Galaxies, and knowing Sony Online Entertainment, they’ll do their damndest to completely fuck up DCUO much in the same manner they completely fucked up SWG.
InFamous is crackdown with super powers. So basically its crackdown.
MAG claims to be an online shooter that supports up to 250 players. The only question being, are there 250  PS3 owners across the globe?

Boring as it was, the Sony conference still managed to look like an all night prostistute & cocaine party compared to Nintendos completely laughable presence at E3. So for that at least, they deserve commendation.
Well done for being marginally less shit than Nintendo, Sony. Well done.