It’s that time of year again folks, the time of year when a million nerds descend on the LA convention centre like a fog of Lynx deodorant & heavy breathing.
TFPG will be there providing you with up to date news on all the amazing revelations and predictions such as:

  • NintendoWhat new non-games will they reveal this year? Mario party 102305 oh-fuck-it-who-cares-anymore? How much further can Nintendo go towards becoming nothing more than a glorified peripheral maker? What new pony/cat/dog related games can we expect for the DS this year? Will Nintendo apologise for making the biggest selling console fo this gen also the one with the least amount of games worth playing on it? (lets face it, the wii’s shitfest lineup of mediocrity makes sonys look like a fucking banquet of gaming excellence)
  • MicrosoftLocked in an eternal struggle for second place, what will microsoft do to avoid limping behind sony for another generation? Will we see the much rumoured waggle controller from Microsoft, and will anyone actually give a fuck if they do? *NOTE TO MS* People buy your console because it has the best line up of real games this generation, not because they want waggle controls. Thats for the spastics who bought Wii’s and want to play fucking cooking mama while looking like they’re having a seizure.
  • SonyWill this E3 be the first PS3 era E3 where Sony actually announce something worth playing? Will we see any more comedy performances such as the infamous GIANT ENEMY CRAB and RIIIIIIDGE RACER debacles? One things for sure, regardless of how shitty Sonys lineup is, you can always be guaranteed a cheap laugh or two at their expense.

    STAY TUNED!!!!